The Benefits of Having a Cat Condo

Memphis-2TIf you want to show some loving to your feline friend, better get it a cat condo. It is a cat house that gives your pet its own place inside your home. It is like a small condo that is fitting for your little baby. It is commonly made from wood material and comes with a number of features. It has a scratching post, sleeping bed and a place where it can climb up and down.

You can often buy them in your local pet stores. Or better yet, to save you time and travel, check out several online shops that sell them in a variety of colors, sizes and designs. When doing your shopping, you may come across terms such as cat furniture, cat trees and cat gyms- they all basically refer to one and the same thing.

Still contemplating whether or not to buy a cat condo for your little cat? Here are some benefits to think about:

Save your sofa
So how can cat condos save your sofa? Simple, because condos usually have its own scratching posts, they will no longer have interest in jumping around and scratching your expensive sofa. If your cats are damaging your furniture like crazy, it might be time that you invest in one of these pet condos.

Cats love to scratch on something not because they want to trim or sharpen their claws. This is a common misconception. But what they actually do is shed their claws. A cat furniture can help your pet shed claws and you can see an outer layer of their claw left behind. When buying a cat condo, make sure that you get the one with a scratch post. The post is often made with sisal rope, which is one of their favorite things to scratch on.

Promotes exercise
Just like people, cats need their daily dose of exercise to keep them strong and healthy. Being an indoor pet, a condo is a good place where they can climb up and down, run around and just be active all they want. Make sure that you pick a cat condo that is durable and strong. It should be able to endure the force and energy of your cat. Their hyper activities can really be extreme, especially when other cats or your dogs join in the fun.

It gives them their own space
Most animals are territorial. Cats are no different. Their paws actually has scent glands so when they scratch a certain piece of territory, they marked it as their own. Giving them their own house will definitely make them glad.

No more trouble on the floor
Cats are active pets so they run around, jump and climb wherever. You can often find their hair scattered on the floor, or worse their poo or urine. Giving it a designated place to play and do their thing will help you save your floor and even your sanity! This also proves to be safer and secure than having them roam around your backyard. So if you really have a heart for your feline friend, better invest in a cat condo today! For even more information checkout this post about cat condos


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